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Pregnancy is a time when your nutrition is so important, both for you and your growing baby. Your body is doing an amazing thing that requires a lot of nutrients and you want to make sure your baby is getting the best possible start. 

As a new mom, you may want guidance on nutrition as pregnancy can leave us very depleted. You may be breastfeeding which creates further nutritional demands on the body, or you may wish to lose weight if your pregnancy resulted in some extra gain (mine sure did!). 

Pregnant and postpartum mothers receive a discounted rate on my services. Use the contact button below to get in touch with me.


Pediatric Nutrition

Whether you are looking for guidance on introducing solids to your baby, your child is experiencing food-related health concerns, or you want to ensure your teen is meeting all of their nutrition requirements for their active lifestyle, I'm here to help. Since opening my practice in 2013 I have worked with children from infancy to 17 years. Children under the age of 4 years receive a discounted rate on my services.

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